Tang Guoqiang, Yang Mi, Li Xian, etc. won the annual Influenced Actor of Rongping Communication

Tang Guoqiang, Yang Mi, Li Xian, etc. won the annual “Influenced Actor” of Rongping Communication
Guided by the People ‘s Daily on January 12, sponsored by the People ‘s Daily Digital Communication, and undertaken by the Global Times Public Opinion Center, the first “Fusion Screen Communication Annual Selection” event co-sponsored by Data Correction was held at People ‘s Daily Antiques.At the scene, the Global Times Public Opinion Center released the “Rongping Communication + Social Benefits: 2019 Annual Report on the Influence of Film and TV Dramas”, and selected the film and television literary works with a new era role model in the 2019 cross-screen fusion media communication (dramaEpisodes), variety shows, documentaries), production institutions and communication platforms.In terms of drama and variety, works such as “Icebreaker” and “Diplomatic Situation” won the “New Era” example; “all are good”, “big rivers” and “know whether they should be green, fat and thin” and other works gained “positive energy””Examples”; “Little Joy”, “Youth School”, “The Little Things of First Love”, etc. won the “Youth Power” example.The special award for original variety is submitted to “Little Chasing Ball”.In terms of actors, Tang Guoqiang, Li Xuejian, Lei Jiayin, Ma Yili, Yang Mi, Li Xian and others won the “influential actors”, and Yu Lan, Qin Yi, Tian Hua, Yu Yang, Wang Xingang and others won the title of “People’s Actors”.From left: Lin Yongjian, Tang Guoqiang, Li Xuejian, Sun Weimin, Zhang Kaili.Under the urging effect of capital and the Internet, the field of literature and art corrected in the past while shifting in the right direction at the time of rapid industrialization. Potential replacements such as “traffic supremacy” and “data fraud” have greatly affected the innovation and development of the literature and art industry.How to accurately assess the social and economic benefits of a work in the context of melting media development has also been a long-discussed issue in developing countries.At the event, the Global Times Public Opinion Center released the “Integrated Screen Communication + Social Benefits: 2019 Annual Report on the Influence of Film and Television Plays”.The report pointed out that “‘optimized screen communication’ is both a requirement of the new era and a requirement of the new era.”The report also detailed the standards, procedures, data sources and interpretation of this fusion screen evaluation study, and announced the researchable results.”The melody of the times, the feelings of home and country” is the best choice of the year of the dissemination of the screen. The 2019 award list “New Era” example: “Ice Breaking Action”, “Diplomatic Situation”, “National Children”, “Airborne Blade”, “Great Turning”, “Amnesty 1959″”Seam”, “King of Land Wars”, “Unscrupulous in the World”, “Lantonia Blossom”, “Positive Energy” Examples: “All Are Good”, “Great Rivers”, “Do You Know Whether It Should Be Green, Fat and Thin”, “In the Distance”, “Old Tavern””” Meet Happiness “,” Turbulence “,” Return to the World for You “,” My True Friend “,” You Against the Current “,” Youth Power “example:” Little Joy “,” Youth School “,” Pushing Hands “,” Little Girl Do Not Abandon “”Flowing good times”, “If you can love it like this”, “Flying Boys”, “Bring your dad to study abroad”, “Chao Yao”, “The first love that little thing” new competitive original variety: “I am a singer”, “actors please be in place””New Season 2” “My Favorite Women” “Dance Storm” Original Variety Special Award: “Little Chase” Original Variety Public Welfare Award: “Cooking for Love” Excellent Broadcasting Platform: AiqiArt Video, Tencent Video, Hunan Satellite TV, Youku Video, Oriental Satellite TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, CCTV TV Drama Channel, Beijing Satellite TV, CCTV Integrated Channel, Jiangsu Satellite TV Rong Media Recommendation Award: Mango TV Excellent Production Agency: Shanghai Shangshi Film Co., Ltd.Company, Dongyang Noon Sunshine Film Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Jiaping Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Aiqiyi Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ningmeng Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., New Faction Cultural Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Ruyi Xinxin Film Investment Co., Ltd.,Wanda Film and Television New Media Eslite, Zhejiang Haining Jiufeng Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huace Film and Television Co., Ltd. from left: Yang Mi, Ma Yili, Lei Jiayin, Li Xian, Luo Yunxi “influential actors”: Tang Guoqiang, Li Xuejian, Sun Weimin, Zhang Kaili,Lin Yongjian, Lei Jiayin, Ma Yili, Yang Mi, Luo Yunxi, Li Xian “People’s Actors”: Yu Lan, Qin Yi, Tian Hua, Yu Yang, Wang Xingang, Wang Xiaotang, Tao Yuling, Xie Fang, Niu Ben, Yang Zaibao, Lei Kesheng, Wang Tiecheng, Li Mingqi, Xu Huanshan,Xiang Mei, Liang Polo, Ma Jingwu, Zhu Xijuan, Gao Fang, Lu Zhong, Wang Wufu sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He Photograph by the organizer Wu Dongni proofreading Wei Zhuo