Lidong is the best time tonic

Lidong is the best time tonic

Chinese medicine experts said that after the winter is a good season for tonic, in the diet, you should eat less cold food such as seafood, eat more beef and mutton and other warm food.

In the daily life, you should go to bed early and stay up late to keep yang, moderate exercise, and recharge your batteries.

  Pay attention to protecting yang after the winter.

Spiritually open-minded optimism, rational use of the brain, and maintain a good attitude.

It is necessary to go to bed early and get up late to ensure adequate sleep. It is good for yang to hide after keeping warm.

Moderate exercise, such as doing exercises, walking, etc.

  Li Dong is the best time for people to make up for the year.

After the winter, in the diet, we must follow the principle of “nurturing yin” and eat some foods that nourish yin and yang, such as mulberry, longan, soft-shelled turtle, black fungus and so on.

If you want to eat, you can eat black sesame porridge, Cordyceps duck soup, etc., you can replenish liver and kidney, nourish yin and help yang.

Eat a series of higher foods, eat more fresh vegetables to avoid vitamin deficiency, eat more protein, vitamins, foods with high cellulose content.

Beef, mutton, black chicken, soy milk, milk, radish, greens, fungus, tofu, celery, white radish, potatoes, Chinese cabbage, spinach, apple, longan, peanuts, walnuts, chestnut, hazelnut, almonds, etc. are more convenient after winter.Diet.

  At the same time, winter is cold and cold, so eat less cold food such as seafood, should not eat fatty or salty food, eat less food, food with a lot of sugar.