Thin women are also crazy sexy black hair does not shrink

Thin women are also crazy sexy black hair does not shrink

The confidence at the top should come from her firmness and perfect shape. However, how can she ensure that she can be a strong and predictable woman at different ages?

In fact, it is not difficult.

Women are like this. They are thinner and thinner, but they are bigger, but more women. The pursuit of their own body is always so harsh and contradictory.

But after losing weight, the woman will worry that her black hair will shrink. Can the thin person really not be full?

In fact, no, thin people can also be thin and sexy, and can also make black hair big.

  The confidence at the top should come from her firmness and perfect shape. However, how can she ensure that she can be a strong and predictable woman at different ages?

In fact, it is not difficult.
  At the age of 20, I started to maintain my own materials!

  Unfortunately, many subjective and objective factors affect the woman’s slightness, whether you are born with a “chest” or acquired, you can’t escape the deformation, the drooping dream, 25 years old, the maintenance of your facial skin, but fromAt the age of 20, you have to start to maintain your chest!

Otherwise, you will not become a woman who really has the “material”!


Choose the right underwear to choose the right underwear, you must try it yourself, whether it is comfortable, whether you can care for the breast you are in the development stage, you have to make your own decisions.

Strapless underwear is best to wear as little as possible. It should be less pulling effect of the shoulder strap. Only the lower circumference is used to support the weight of the breast. The support and stability are reduced accordingly. The effect against gravity is also greatly reduced.!
  Remember that underwear is a consumable item. You must check the condition of the underwear regularly. If you find that the steel ring is deformed or the elastic band loses its elasticity, you can’t wear it again.

An alternative to underwear, about 2-3 months, is a genuine consumable!


Develop a good life and a beautiful habit of sitting and lying on the chest. The hands are naturally drooping, the eyes are flat, the head is raised, the chest is raised, the abdomen, and the correct walking posture of the tight hips are very effective for shaping the chest shape;When you are, the upper body should be straight, the abdomen should be indented, the shoulders should be relaxed, the hands should be laid flat, and the chair should not be too full, about 1 / 3 – 2 / 3.

When you are seated, the skull can show a natural and beautiful curve; if you like to sleep, you can revisit yourself. Are you not enough to love your chest?

Change the bad sleep posture!

  30-year-old child, but can not reduce the “material”!

  From the current situation, we are increasingly choosing to go through the process of turning from a woman to a mother around the age of 30, and this process has also changed the above.

During pregnancy, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the top began to grow again, and breastfeeding made us feel that we fell from heaven to hell – some severe drooping, if not paying attention, there may even be a big breast and a small breast, serious stretch marks on the breastHappening.

At this point, you should -1.

Before pregnancy, you should do a massage of cold water for the care of the abdomen during pregnancy. Promoting circulating cold water can stimulate blood circulation and keep the blood vessels and tissue fibers of the breasts elastic, thus making the skin tight.

Massage a pair of breasts with less intense water every day, and more is better.

  Chest and chest press the best chest morning exercise to choose a few good, safe, chest massage oil can be used during pregnancy is the key!

Starting from the center of the breast, wrap up and down with the palm of your hand, from the inside out, from top to bottom, massage in a circular way, repeat 5-6 times, change.

The palm is in the shape of a cup, and the soft meat next to the big pectoral muscle is placed on the chest, pushed from the arm to the center of the buttocks, repeated 5-6 times, shifting.

Every morning and evening, the massage is reduced, the elasticity of the skin becomes better, and the stretch marks do not appear due to the sudden increase in physiological changes, and the recovery during the lactation period is also accelerated.

  Choosing the right body shaping underwear during breastfeeding must use good underwear to bid farewell to pregnancy, and successfully give birth to a baby, enter breastfeeding period. At this time, your breast cancer has just undergone another “development” process, and more need good
Moreover, when breastfeeding, the baby constantly sucks, making it slightly easier to sag, so you must choose the appropriate bra to replace, to control the possibility of sagging up and down.

  Wear underwear properly, rescue or avoid the phenomenon of vice milk!

  The phenomenon of “secondary milk” with excess excess meat under the arm is caused by the incorrect wearing of long-term underwear. Accumulation, weight gain during pregnancy, and excessive meat increase may also occur. The method of saving “secondary milk” must be correct.Wearing underwear, the excess meat should be taken into the cup, and the position of the cup should be arranged every time you go to the toilet.

Over time, the shape of the breast will improve.

  You have no doubt about the effect of shaping your underwear and adjusting your chest shape and body shaping underwear. Many stars have become your “test products”. They have tried to give you a lot of experience and lessons. All you have to do now is to collect information.Find the one that works best for you.

  ● Add “material” diet tips: supplement nutrition, ensure blood circulation is smooth, 40 years old does not shrink, it is good “material” After 40 years old, our body has changed a lot, using the body’s metabolism to slow down, we are hard toWhen I was young, it was easy to control the aunt in my body; unless our body’s hormone levels were lowered, there was some balance in the endocrine, which led to our parallel control drooping, as if she wanted to get closer to the horizon.

Another important issue at this stage is the high incidence of the retina.

If you don’t want your breasts to “retire” early, then you should – swim, the best breast movement water pressure on the chest contour can not only exercise the respiratory muscles, but also the chest muscles will be particularly developed.It is best to choose to swim outdoors. Under the mild stimulation of sunlight, breast complications and elasticity will become full and beautiful.

Regular quantitative swimming can not only help your breasts, but also help you control your body’s slight condition.

  After the age of 40, the more worrying is not that the top can not avoid the greater beauty, but whether the breast can grow old with itself, and at this time it can also overcome the high incidence, so the self-test can not be ignored.

  Detection time: The best time should be within one week after the menstrual cramps. During this time, the breasts are no longer affected by the increase of menstrual hormone secretion. All indexes are restored to normal levels, and misdiagnosis is not easy.

  ● Add “material” diet tips: supplement the body’s required estrogen to delay the body aging time.

  Tip: Let him also love her every perfect sexual process. His sexual touch, caress, kisses and other sexual stimuli can cause breast reactions, such as nipple erection, venous congestion on the skin surface, breast fullness, enlargement, etc.As sexual stimuli intensify, this response will also strengthen, and as the orgasm comes, these changes will peak and the regression phase will gradually return to normal.

In addition to making you feel physiologically pleasing, the breasts seem to have done a “gymnastics”. Tell them about these changes in your breasts and let him love you and love her!