How should a man be weak?

Recommend recipes that improve the quality of male sperm

How should a man be weak?
Recommend recipes that improve the quality of male sperm

Weak azoospermia is a common symptom in male infertility. In order to treat weak azoospermia, it is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment. However, the diet of weak azoospermia during treatment is also very important.

So how do men eat weak?

Today, we recommend a recipe for weak patients, and you can improve the quality of sperm by eating it like this every day!

Three recipes to improve the quality of male sperm, lock Yang stewed chicken soup[material]20 grams of Cynomorium, 2 slices of ginger, 2 red dates, 6 chicken testicles, a small amount of salt.

[practice]Cynomorium, chicken testicles washed with water, spare.

Ginger is washed with water, scraped and peeled, cut into 2 pieces, and set aside.

Wash the red dates with water, remove the core, and set aside.

Put all the above ingredients into the casserole, add water, simmer for 4 hours, and season with salt.

[Food Method]Served with food, 1 per day?
3 times, 150 ml each time?
200 ml.

[Efficacy]This side has the power of strengthening the kidney and strengthening the essence.

Applicable to less kidney deficiency, impotence, impotence, lumbar pain, weak knees and so on.

Second, sea cucumber bird’s nest squid soup[material]sea cucumber, bird’s nest, squid, the right amount,[practice]after washing the above materials, a total of coarse, add boiled water; take the soup to drink.

[Efficacy]Sea cucumber is rich in a variety of nutrients, treatment of scrotum cold, oligozoospermia can get good results; bird’s nest for swiftlets or saliva or saliva and cashmere mixed with the formation of nests, the required gum, protein,Calcium, phosphorus, potassium, etc., are nourishing good products, can be aphrodisiac, clearing the marrow; the carp contains protein and vitamin A.

These kinds of ingredients are used together with food, which has the functions of strengthening the spleen and kidney, and replenishing the essence of warming and yang.

Third, leek fried shrimp[material]leek, 150 grams of fresh shrimp, 50 ml of white wine (better rice wine is better).

[Practice]Wash the leek, cut the 3 cm long section, wash the shrimp, ginger shredded, onion cut.

Put the wok on the fire to heat, add the oil, burn the six mature, put the ginger, the onion and fragrant, immediately into the shrimp, leeks, salt, fried and served.

【Efficacy】Applicable to kidney-yang deficiency.

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