Fall weight loss, careful 4 big minefields, more and more fat

Fall weight loss, careful 4 big minefields, more and more fat

The body’s expectations for women are self-evident, and the sturdy posture is one of the most important capitals for women. Therefore, weight loss is a lifelong lesson for women.

However, wrong understanding and unscientific, unreasonable eating methods often make many women who are determined to lose weight, the more they lose weight, the more they are counterproductive.


hzh {display: none; }  现在,就是需要帮助女性走出常犯的饮食误区,趟过这片减肥“雷区”,走上正确的减肥大道,健康瘦身!   Minefield 1, eating a small amount of food will make you fat, rarely eat dairy products, adolescents with high fat or low fat diet, more likely to be obese than the right amount of pregnant women.

In the process of slimming, you don’t always replace the negative character.

Adults who eat are not even quickly converted into feces in the body, and accidental decomposition can inhibit the synthesis of adults in the body to some extent.

The best diet recommended by the researchers included proper feces, eating more fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

  Minefield 2, continue to eat fruit meals can be slimming Boston University School of Medicine researchers believe that although fruit supplements with vitamins and glucose, the benefits of fruit can not be said, but its nutrients are single, especially the essential unsaturated fatty acids and proteins.

  Long-term single fruit slimming will inevitably cause loss of nutrients in the body’s protein, minerals, etc., and slowly, the body will issue a dangerous alarm.

A single constant recipe, like fruit slimming, will reduce the intake of many nutrients. Over time, a large and balanced body of nutrition will be harmful.

  Minefield 3, eating spicy food can be slimming and eating spicy food is not as big as imagined, eating more spicy food has an effect on the function of the insulin tract, increasing the stimulation of the gastric mucosa, easily causing stomach bleeding.

And eating too much irritating food will make the skin rough and easy to get acne, definitely not worth the candle.

  Minefield 4, taking slimming medicine can immediately see the fact that slimming is not a day’s work, and it is not a matter of eating a few slimming drugs to achieve the goal.

Slimming drugs may have a variety of heterogeneous, different types of drugs, different from each other.

Common appetite suppressants can cause mild insomnia, dry mouth, dizziness, depression, fatigue, constipation, nausea and so on.

  Some diet pills may cause high blood pressure and tachycardia; others may cause drug-induced liver damage.

Drugs that reduce microabsorption in the body may cause complications such as diarrhea and fat-soluble vitamin malabsorption.

Laxatives can cause dehydration in the body and can cause resonance disturbances in severe cases.

What’s more, many people with high blood pressure take the so-called slimming recipe to treat obesity with unclear ingredients. The harm is self-evident.

Gradually, based on diet control and reasonable exercise, it is practical to use the appropriate weight-loss method of medication.