The first poster of Artemis Fantasy Adventures, with a painting style like the fantasy version of The Man in Black

The first poster of “Artemis Fantasy Adventures”, with a painting style like the fantasy version of “The Man in Black”
On March 2nd, Disney’s new fantasy magic film “Artemis Fantasy Adventure” released official posters and trailers, and the young Artemis Fall started an exciting adventure.The film is adapted from a series of fantasy novels by Irish writer Ewing Cove, describing the 12-year-old heir of the Fall criminal empire, Artemis Fall II, in order to find the missing father, fighting the elves with power and tricks.The film is scheduled to be released in North America on May 29, and the mainland is advancing. It is reported that the film’s casting is strict. The film’s newcomer Fedia Shaw plays Artemis Fall II. He is a talented teenager who is adventurous and later becomes a young criminal suspect.People use various strategies to obtain wealth, and strive to maintain the family in crisis.The film is directed by Kedith Branagh, the actor of Gidero Lockhart in “Harry Potter”, Colin Farrell, Fedia Shaw, Laura McDonald, JoshGade, Judy Dench, Nongsuo Arnos and other starring actors, Brana and Dench, Gade once cooperated in the “Orient Express Murder”, this time they joined forces again.From the trailer, it can be polished. This is a special effect film that combines fantasy, magic, suspense and other elements. Some commentators think that the style of painting is somewhat like the fantasy version of “The Man in Black”.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Huang Jialing School against Yang Xuli