Life care must be expected in the early, middle and late focus moments

Life care must be expected in the early, middle and late focus moments

During the day, the most important time for health care should be three-morning, midday and evening, and some people call it the “focus moment” of health.

  Morning health (1) Before the early morning, the ancient health homes said that they should get up early in the morning, and even some people suggested that the sooner the better.

However, according to the characteristics of modern sleep at night in modern life, in order to ensure adequate sleep, it is not appropriate to get too early, generally around 6 o’clock.

  (2) It is not advisable to get up in the morning. It is not advisable to dress in a hurry, wash, gorge on breakfast, and go out to work to go to work.

This kind of too fast rhythm is high enough to sleep for a night. The body is difficult to adapt. Over time, it will cause circulatory system, digestive system dysfunction, and even lead to disease.

The correct way is to wake up in the morning and then lie up for a while to get up again, gradually speed up the rhythm, and prepare for the physical and psychological preparations for heavy tasks after work.

  (3) When the new sleep is vomiting, the systemic activities of the whole body are slowed down, and some metabolic wastes are transferred to the body in time. Therefore, the first thing in the morning should be spit out, that is, to develop a good habit of urinating.

Immediately after getting out of bed, open the window to change the air, and discharge the “dirty gas” in the room as soon as possible.

At the same time, you should drink a cup of boiled water, the salt is better to eat a little salt, in addition to the same role as the cold boiled water to wash the stomach, it is also beneficial to prevent oral, disease and respiratory diseases.

  (4) Youth activities This is an important part of morning health.

In the morning, go to the fresh, clean places nearby, such as parks, woods, squares, riversides, etc., to breathe fresh air, and further “spit the new” while performing comfortable fitness activities.

The principle is to do what you can, just to stop.

  (5) Use breakfast for breakfast, and eat well, and then need to work or study in the morning.

  The focus of midday health care in the afternoon should highlight the word “Hugh”.

Some people claim that lunch should be rich and complete.

After lunch, no matter how busy or short, you should take time to rest for a while, even if you take a nap.

  Experiments show that people’s sleep rhythm, in addition to the peak of sleep at night, is also a sleep peak around 13 noon.

Nap is caused by human biological stimulation, is a normal physiological activity, is part of sleep, and is one of the best ways to maintain health, eliminate fatigue, and restore vitality.

Long-term no nap or even harmful to the body, and will be prone to accidents due to reasons.

  The weight of a nap can make up for the lack of sleep at night, so that the brain and body systems can be relaxed and rested, which is more conducive to work and study in the afternoon and evening. It is also a positive measure to prevent heat in summer and autumn.

Too many people, especially mental workers, have realized that the efficiency of work after a nap is greatly improved.

It has been proved that people who have a nap habit have a lower incidence of coronary heart disease than those who do not take a nap. This is because naps can soothe the cardiovascular system and reduce the tension of the human body.

Comparing nap to the best “healthy charging” is very reasonable.

  The night of evening health is the focus of the “Three Health Care”, and the words “easy and happy” should be highlighted.

  (1) Good dinner and dinner is the prelude of nightlife. Dinner should try to meet the needs of the whole family, so that everyone can eat more delicious meals, mix and match, pay attention to nutrition, eat well and reasonable.

However, elderly people and cardiovascular patients, at least eat less fatty and high-cholesterol foods for dinner, eat more vegetarian food.

Also pay attention to not to mention unpleasant topics at the table, so as not to affect the mood of eating.

  (2) Night life should not be monotonous. Don’t be trapped in the TV. It is a few hours. You should also go out to the quiet place to go for a walk, talk, or go to a friend’s house to be a guest, chat, pull a home, or force yourself to like it.Activities such as listening to music, playing the piano, singing karaoke. make the nightlife colorful.

  (3) bedtime should not be too late evening activities should not exceed 10-11Binch, so as not to affect the night sleep.