Ginger jujube can cure chronic gastritis

Ginger jujube can cure chronic gastritis

I suffer from chronic gastritis, often stomach pain and bloating.

Go to the provincial hospital for a gastroscopy and confirm the diagnosis of superficial gastritis.

The doctor gave the drugs such as morphine, omeprazole and other digestive drugs.

After eating for more than two months, the symptoms of my discomfort have basically eased, but the stomach often feels uncomfortable.

  Later, I checked the “Chinese medicated diet” and found that: “Ginger contains volatile oil, gingerol, amino acid, can promote digestion, increase appetite; jujube can replenish spleen and stomach and fluid, useful spleen and stomach weakness, eat less diarrhea, palpitations and other symptoms.

“I felt very suitable for my symptoms after I saw it, so I replaced my thoughts and tried to start my “treatment”: ginger jujube washed, ginger even skin cut (about 3 grams), jujube (1)), put it in your mouth and chew it, three times a day.

A few days later, I felt that the effect was not obvious. I thought it might be small. Because ginger and jujube did not replace, I increased the dosage. About 5 grams of ginger, two jujubes, and the number of times increased to 3 per day?
5 times.

Especially when there is an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach, I will eat it once and soon I will feel the fever in my stomach and the symptoms will be relieved.

After eating for more than two months, the feeling of stomach pain and bloating disappeared, and the appetite was normal.

Now my stomach is cured, but I still use ginger and jujube as health supplements every day.