New World, Blood Walking, Country Love 12 dramas who is TOP1

“New World”, “Blood Walking”, “Country Love” 12 dramas who is TOP1
Sauna, Yewang based on the trend of Douban score from January 15th to February 15th, cat eye heat index, Weibo and other network platform related topics, including innovation, script creation, actor performance, production, popularity and word of mouth.The various dimensions of the judgment, the inventory of the 2020 Chinese New Year file in the play list TOP12.No.1 “New World” makes innovation ★★★★ script creation ★★★ actor performance ★★★★★ production ★★★★ popularity ★★★★ (average 9066.65 up to 9477.85) Word of mouth ★★★? 6.3 Plot introduction: The drama borrowed from the changes in the fate of the three brothers Jin Hai, Tie Lin and Xu Tian, as well as the acquaintances of Xu Tian and Communist Party member Tian Dan.Opinion: In this year’s Spring Festival film and television series, “New World” allows to carry the most expectations.”Yan Wang” Sun Honglei carrying Ding, Zhang Luyi, Yin Fang, Wan Qian, Li Chun and other powerful actors together, “Red” screenwriter as the screenwriter and director of Xu Bing, and the story of the torrential changes in the era of Beipingcheng on the eve of the founding of the countryIt all heralds its reputation and heat for riding the dust.Judging from the broadcast results in early January, “New World” really meets all the expectations of the audience.The actor acting is online, the plot is infinitely reversed, the ratings of the TV have even broken 2, and the initial score of Douban started as high as 8.3. “New World” handed in a satisfactory answer.No.2 “Passionate Blood” can be innovative ★ ★ ★ ★ script creation ★ ★ ★ actor performance ★ ★ ★?Production ★★★★ Popularity ★★★★ (average 9192.57 maximum 9515.46) Word of mouth ★★★★? 7.7 Plot introduction: mainly about the late Qing and early Republic period, the secret organization “Yan Shifan” formed by the royal family and nobles has already decayed in the turbulent situation, led by Chong Liming, a group of noble youths with new ideas, and civiliansThe story of the young Ayi rejuvenating the “Fantastic Fan” and defending his country.Opinion: Throughout the many works broadcast on the Spring Festival file, the two young idols starred together in “The Passionate Blood”, which is not only a low-profile entrance gesture, but also the quality and reputation of the work.It has the fate of traffic drama, but not the “illness” of traffic drama.The audience is keen to pick up one after another fun and long-knowledge historical stalk in this idol drama. The scene production, service and the language of the lens are also commendable.Huang Zitao’s performance is larger and more explosive than before, and Yi Xi Qianxi is as old as ever.The stable word of mouth of the “Fellow Blood” may give some inspiration to similar works: the era script played by young idol actors can completely stage the idol drama of the Republic of China on the suspended surface, thus becoming the road of youth growth in the decade of changing times., Portraying the patriotic feelings of walking side by side in the chaotic world, and at the same time supplemented by the repetition of the truth in the historical trajectory, it may be a way to achieve “Roman”.The occasional imbalance between the second temperament in the blood and the historical texture is a shortcoming left by “Blood Peer”, but the attempt to integrate the two is worthy of encouragement.No.3 Can “Country Love 12” be innovative ★★★?Script creation ★★★?Actors performing ★★★?Production ★★★ Popularity ★★★★ (average 9147.38 maximum 9330.73) Word of mouth ★★★? 6.9 Plot Introduction: The play mainly tells the stories of lovers, marriage, life and career of villagers in Ivory Mountain Village.Opinion: This year’s Spring Festival, “Country Love” is still not absent.Judging from the current plot development, “Village Love 12” still presents the rice, oil, soy sauce and vinegar tea in the black soil of Northeast China.But the one-year and two-year-old rural neighborhoods are kind. Seven to eight years later, the soil is extremely extreme. Thirteen years and fourteen years are still full of chicken skin. The plot is turning in a fixed size. This is what all longevity brands will face.Crisis.No.4 “Under the Jinyi” can be creative ★★★ Script creation ★★★ Actor performance ★★★?Production ★★★ Popularity ★★★★ (average 9295.64 up to 9655.31) Word of mouth ★★★★ 7.5 Plot introduction: The play mainly found the Ming Dynasty Jiajing Jing in the last year of the traitor, Jin Yiwei Lu was ordered to investigate the disappearance of the Xiuhe section in Yangzhou, and was assisted by the six-door female arrester Yuan Jinxia. The two became a sweet enemy, butAccidentally involved in a story of conspiracy.Opinion: As one of the few small and medium-sized online dramas of the Spring Festival this year, “Under the Jinyi” showed a strange and contradictory scene during the broadcast: reducing the production cost of the small volume, in the plot, the production is slightlyIn the case of inferiority, but in the sidelines of the hit drama, a bloody road was killed, and quite good results were obtained.The strong CP feeling between the male and female actors in the play, as well as the generous sugar-spreading skills in the play, are all just right.No.5 “Liu Lao Gen 3” through creative degree ★ ★ ★ script creation ★ ★ ★ actor performance ★ ★ ★ production ★ ★ ★ popularity ★ ★ ★ ★ (average 9213.232 up to 9764.16) Word of mouth ★★★ 6.5 Plot introduction: This drama mainly describes the story of Liu Laogen, who has been at home for a long time due to poor management at home, decided to return to the villa after an interval of 15 years.Opinion: As a classic work re-launched seventeen years later, “Liu Lao Gen 3” is a work that cannot be ignored this year’s Spring Festival stalls.The reunion of “models” and the family fun during the period of feelings were all the keys to “Luo Laogen 3” igniting the expectations of the audience.In Liu Laogen 3, the retired old Liu Liu with gray hair and desirelessness, and the medicine box living in the line, have long lost the ambition and obsession of the peasant entrepreneurs.In essence, the insights into the rural grassroots operating system in the previous works, and the deep reflection on certain limitations of the depth of the peasants’ thoughts, have disappeared and re-evolved into a rural comedy just for the smile of the bloggers.No.6 Can “Love Apartment 5” be creative ★★ Script creation ★★★ Actor performance ★★★ Production ★★★ Hotness ★★★★?(Average 9588.76 up to 9849.30) Word of mouth ★★★ 6.4 Plot introduction: The drama was met with old guests and mysterious new guests, and a new romantic story happened in the apartment.Opinion: As a six-year sequel to the classic IP, the broadcast of “Love Apartment 5” is more like a farewell to the past ten years, and it is also a wake-up to the memory of the audience entering the new decade.In the play, the domineering Hu Yifei, the cheap Meng Zeng Xiaoxian, the flowery Lu Ziqiao . This is a sufficiently clear role to accompany the audience to grow together, and the audience at the same time in the familiar face, the end of the story points to farewell to their youth.But the absence of the main character is still a fatal wound that it cannot escape.No.7 “The next stop is happiness” can be innovative ★ ★ script creation ★ ★ actor performance ★ ★ ★ production ★ ★ ★?Popularity ★★★★? (Average 9504.10 up to 9770.15) Word of mouth ★★★ 6.6 Plot introduction: This plot is a story of a successful 32-year-old female elite in the international metropolis of Shanghai, He Fanxing, overcoming the pressure from work and life, growing up in family, friendship and love, and making progress gradually.Comment: One episode meets, two episodes kiss, three episodes confession, four episodes together, the plot is like a rocket sitting “The next stop is happiness” can leave a stroke in this Spring Festival stall.Although the plot of the later period affected the reputation of “The Next Stop is Happiness” to a certain extent, the main CP’s little wolf dog straight line, the office sister and brother love, the male second’s funny and domineering president image, and the vice CP’s unique teacherElements such as life love are still standard sweet play.No.8 Can “Sansheng Sanshi Pillow Book” be innovative ★★?Script creation ★★★ Actor performance ★★ Production ★★ Popularity ★★★★?(Average 9539.54 up to 9866.31) Word of mouth ★ ★? 5, 5 Plot introduction: This drama mainly found the story of the entanglement of love between Qingqiu Emperor Ji Fengjiu and Taichen Palace Venerable Donghua for two thousand years.Opinion: Because of the great success of the previous work “San Sheng San Shi Shi Li Tao Hua”, he is always in the whirlpool of public opinion comparison.The plot and special effects are quite satisfactory, except for the fact that a few strokes in the novel have been expanded, and they are basically the original.The performances of starring Dili Reba and Gao Weiguang were mixed, which caused too much controversy. The “cheap” of clothing props also became a topic that was constantly mentioned when comparing with the previous one.Judging from the basic framework of the story, the overall style and character settings, the play encountered a distortion of aesthetic fatigue, which is a conflict that Xianxia can create and face together.No.9 Can “Ultimate Shuangjiao” be integrated into ★★ script creation ★★?Actors performing ★ ★?Make ★★★ Hotness ★★★?(Average 8940.21 up to 9266.42) Word of mouth ★★★ 6.0Plot Introduction: This drama mainly describes the story of walking the rivers and lakes after the self-proclaimed “world’s first evil” demon Jiang Xiaoyu and Hua Wuwu met.Opinion: As the first remake in 2020, “The Peerless Pride” is not amazing, but it is indeed a rare qualified work in the remake.The extra points are the live-action shooting that makes people shine, as well as many restored famous scenes in the original work.The heavy mountains and green water, the strange peaks and the mountains, the young chivalrousness, and the fresh clothes and angry horses, can make the martial arts world described by Gu Long reappear.However, the image and interpretation of the two newcomers, Hu Yitian and Hu Yitian, are not far behind Xiaoyu’er’s unmistakable fit, and this may also be the fundamental reason for preventing “Unparalleled Shuangjiao” from further circle.No.10 Can “Jian Ye 2” be innovative ★★?Script creation ★★?Actors performing ★ ★?Production ★★★ Popularity ★★★ (average 8669.06 maximum 9497.61) Word of mouth ★ ★?5, 4 Plot introduction: The play mainly discovered Ning Que’s fierce wife Sang Sang after being accused of “the daughter of Hades”, he did not hesitate to be the enemy of the world, and joined hands with Sang Sang to fight against the fate of the experience, and Ning Que envoyThe growth course of the people resisting the invasion of foreign enemies.Opinion: The return of “Jiangye 2” was once a big expectation for many big male lead drama fans in 2020.Before watching, one side is the self-rebellion of the son of the porter to the thirteen Mr. who is in charge of fate, and the other side is the only one who has been fragrant and fragrant, and then fist to the flesh, fighting with the rivers and lakes of the Wudai method.”No one satisfies the audience’s aesthetic that was once corroded by the stereotyped male lead drama.However, judging from the broadcast effect of “Jian Ye 2”, the stunning replacement of the first part continues.There are some strange feelings brought by the replacement of the main line actors, and there are some emotional lines that are too short, but the main reason may be inseparable from the lack of the main line.No.11 “Beijing Lingzhizhizhizhiju” the most innovative ★ ★ ★ script creation ★ ★ ★ actor performance ★ ★ production ★ ★ ★ popularity ★ ★ ★ ★ (average 9050.2675 History 9742.96) Word of mouth has no ratings. Brief introduction: This episode mainly tells the story of the outstanding young Mu Chen who has grown into a great hero who shakes the continent and eliminates evil, while gaining friendship and love.Opinion: The script is adapted from the novel of the same name of Tianxian Tudou. Even from the production point of view, it has already been called the excellent one in Xianxia Fantasy, but the two starring starring actors, the escaped Daguai upgrade kernel and the relativeThe slightly meager storyline development is the biggest obstacle to the popularity and quality of “Beijing Lingzhi Juvenile Master”.No.12 “Ancient Secrets” can be innovative ★ ★ script creation ★ ★ actor performance ★ ★ ★ production ★ popularity ★ ★ ★? (Average 8817.92 maximum 9033.32) The word of mouth has no ratings. Brief introduction: The play mainly tells the story of the ancient times, the turmoil of nine infants, the self-sacrifice of the five senses of Jinmu, the fire, the fire and the earth, and the joint efforts to retreat the enemy.In the end, they gave up their lives to lock the demon, and once again merged the promise of defending the world that was made thousands of years ago.Opinion: From the traffic dramas that brought together three popular celebrities such as Wu Lei, Song Zuer, and Wang Junkai, to the works with double-miss popularity, netizens ridiculed as “Nortel’s Homework” “The Ancient Secret Treaty”, switching from the flashing scene,To the exaggerated special effects, and then to the oversized subtitles, it can be said that the thunder and fantasy thunder were trampled all over again.But it may be that the final effect is too unexpected for the audience, so that the road to the circle of “The Ancient Secret Testament” is equally clear.From # 北 电 工作 # to # 上古 密 约 特效 # to # 上古 密 约 特 GM #, and eat melons, netizens are happy to “correct work” for the “Old Ancient Secrets”, but instead let this word-of-mouth popular work for many audiences in thisWorrying and long vacations provide a lot of ancient strange fun.Statistics time: From the day the cat’s eye heat episode was aired to February 15th, the Douban score was based on the February 15th main sauna, edited by Tong Wang, night net Liu Wei, Wang Xin