Teach you how to take a bath

Teach you how to take a bath

Bathing is probably a prelude to our farewell to a busy day. At this time, you can enjoy yourself, enjoy a full private space within a few minutes, sing inside, jump a macho show, and narcissistically face the mirror to overcome the excessive expansion of the spleen.Or enjoy yourself the thrill of a thousand miles. It doesn’t matter if no one will see you, but the foreplay of these baths will only let you relax the tight spirit and mood of the day. The point is that you are cleaned.No?

  The old TCM health network teaches you how to take a bath and take a good approach: the bather should be immersed in a bathtub or a specially designed mineral bath, preferably with a water-soaked nipple.

The time depends on the situation.

The water temperature is above 42 °C, the bathing time is 10-20 minutes; the water temperature is 35-37 °C, and the soaking time can be longer than 1 hour.

Regardless of the length of time, whether it is combined with underwater massage method, also known as bath and rubbing method, also use a soft brush to gently brush the part.

  Half-length: Bather in a semi-bath or bath, if necessary, the surface of the water is flat or flat, soaked in the mineral spring.

Cover your upper body with a large towel to avoid getting cold.

  Shower: It refers to spraying a part of the body with a special water pipe to achieve the purpose of treating diseases.

The nozzle is about 20 cm from the skin, gradually moved to 15 cm, the water temperature is 40 to 50 ° C, each injection is 5 minutes, and then bathed for 10 minutes.

Now, some sprayers spray water from different directions to the body, which is actually a kind of “massage” for acupoints.

The benefits of showering are twofold. One is to prevent cross-infection; the other is to “massage” the acupuncture points.

Nowadays, the surf bath, the water rushes from different directions to the human body, and is also a “massage” for the acupuncture points.

The benefit of the tub is that you can add fried Chinese herbs.

  Massage in the bath: bathe in the bath for five or six minutes while massaging the body.

The pressure of hydrostatic water can be utilized, and the buoyancy of water activates the limbs and affected parts.

When bathing, you can combine massage and back.

The best tool for backing is the loofah, which itself is a traditional Chinese medicine that has the effect of passing through the vitality.

There is also a sea pumice in Chinese medicine, like a coarse grinding wheel, which has a scorpion effect.

Especially for the elderly, because it is relatively hard, it can wipe off the thick skin of the heel and eliminate the phlegm.

These natural bathing appliances are better than the current chemical fiber bath towels.

  It is very important to choose bath products, soap, shower gel or shower gel to wash all the way, as long as it is suitable for your skin, and find a unique manly that Okro!

When men choose bathing lotion, the space is actually quite large. There are open-type shops such as Watsons, Kao, or BOOTS imported from the UK. There are commercial cabinets for men, because they are open shelves.Compared with the store staff, you can go to the body shop or department store counters, such as some counter brands (BIOTHERM, ORIGINS, AVEDA, etc.) that we have introduced in the street popular unit.There are products specially designed for male skin types, and recently these natural skin cleansing products are mostly based on plants, such as tea tree oil, lavender, and skin-adjusting effects that eliminate bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects.The ingredients of rosemary oil, aloe vera with moisturizing effect, etc., can be considered as a variety of things, to figure out who should use that kind of eager to try, do not hinder to go to the counter store, they give you advice to make a decision.
  There are a large number of bathing supplies for men that are expected to be a can, which is shampoo and bath. These products are quite suitable for business trips, unless the product is marked with a dual-use word, or elseIt is not ideal to replace shampoo or shower gel.

When the products such as shower gel are not so popular, soap is a memory in the process of many people growing up. If you are a man who insists on the original taste, there are many urban surfaces, highlighting pure natural oils.Bath soap can be used to exfoliate or bactericidal products.

  The exquisite nephew man may want to try it out, the famous “flower bath” in the bath, but you don’t think that the kind of washing in the TV film, the petals floating on the water is the flower bath!

To clean up the petals after washing, it is enough to make you sweaty and need to wash again!

The friends who want to experience have the following two methods to choose from. The first is to buy the flower bathing agent directly, and pour it into the bathtub according to the instructions. The other is more exotic. It is to buy special dry flowers and flowers. After wrapping with cotton cloth,Put in the bath and wait for the aroma to be extracted from the leaves.

The benefits that different flowers and plants can have on the body can be different!

For example, people who often suffer from insomnia can use “Western Chamomile”. If they want to promote blood circulation, they can use “rosemary”, while “Wild Rose” can alleviate nervous tension. There are other flowers with different therapeutic effects. If you are interested,You can ask the counter service staff more.

  Bath Tips Chinese Medicine: Don’t bathe with too hot water.

  From the protection of the skin itself, people should not bathe too much in the fall, even when the autumn has just arrived, when the temperature is not very low, it is only possible to wash the bathtub at most once a day or twice a day.

Otherwise, the skin is more susceptible to bacteria after the protective layer of the skin is destroyed.

Therefore, it is also appropriate to talk about hygiene.

  1, should not be too clean skin, two days a bath is appropriate.

  2, do not take too much water to bathe.

If we take a bath with hot water, it will make the skin drier, redness and even peeling, which is not conducive to adapt to climate changes.

    Bathing and bathing: The normal skin surface has an acidic protective film formed by sebaceous glands, sweat gland secretions and displaced epithelial cells, and the stratum corneum, only 0.

1 mm thick, weakly acidic, but it is the first line of defense to prevent germs and harmful rays from invading the human body.This layer of “dead skin” changes slowly, and it takes more than ten days to accelerate.

If you use a towel repeatedly rubbing on the skin during bathing, it is easy to damage the skin, so that the keratinized layer of the epidermis is replaced too much, the skin will become dry, and even itching of the skin may cause pathogens and harmful rays to enter.It is easy to suffer from various skin diseases such as folliculitis and carbuncles.

  Friends who like to take a bath have a few things to pay attention to. If you take a hot bath immediately after eating, the blood will continue to concentrate on the skin, and the boots will affect the operation of the digestive organs. After the intense exercise,It is best to wait until the body has eased and then go to the bath (people who are used to the gym should pay special attention!